How will I know when it is the right time to move my loved one into Lincolnshire Place?
Be pro-active not reactive. If your loved one can no longer live safely at home alone or family caregivers are sleep deprived and often ill due to constant care challenges then alternative placement for your loved one is the step you will want to consider. If you are not sure, allow our specialized staff do an assessment, we will give you our expert opinion at that time.

Once I have made the decision to move my loved one into Lincolnshire Place, how soon do we have until moving date?
If there is an apartment available we can move quickly, within a day to two assuming all the necessary information is available; or we can slow it down and plan a specific date to accommodate your schedule. There may be occasions we may have to put your loved one’s name on a waiting list.

What is the necessary information needed prior to moving in?
An assessment will need to be done with your loved one by a skilled Lincolnshire Place staff member, a recent history and physical, the start of a T.B. skin test and orders from the physician so our nursing staff will be prepared to follow all physician recommendations for care and medication.

Do you have doctors available to provide on-site visits?
The Community Director and the Director of Nursing will have a list of area physicians who will come to Lincolnshire Place to see their patients. The choice will be left up to you.

Will I be expected to sign a lease if I decide to move my loved one into Lincolnshire Place?
No long term lease needs to be signed. There is a service contract that you will be signing. The Community Director will explain it in detail and answer any questions you may have. If for any reason your loved one should have to leave Lincolnshire Place we request a 30 day written notice with no penalties.

What will I need to bring?
Families will need to furnish the apartment. You will need a bed, dresser if you wish, maybe a chair. Personal hygiene items, clothing and any items that may be important for your loved one to make him or her feel at home. Family pictures, an important collection of items, you be the judge. We want the apartments to feel like home.

What can I expect the daily schedule to be at Lincolnshire Place?
Our organized activity based day is geared around your loved one’s abilities to make every moment of every day a success.

My loved one has Long Term Care insurance…
Lincolnshire Place meets all of the qualifications necessary for most long term care insurance . Our Community Director will assist you in gathering the necessary information needed to initiate the insurance benefits. We will also assist you monthly with the insurance billing required by the insurance company.

My loved one is a Veteran…
Lincolnshire Place has the resources to refer you to the correct services to qualify for Veteran Assistant benefits. Additionally, the spouse of a veteran often qualifies for benefits even if the veteran is deceased.

What if my loved one should have therapy needs?
Lincolnshire Place staff has many resources to help you with therapy needs. As long as outside therapy agencies live up to Lincolnshire Place’s high standards, we welcome physical, occupational, and speech therapists to come in and serve our residents needs. Behavioral specialists, Physicians, podiatrists and hospice services to name a few are welcomed. Our Director of Nursing will always be available to coordinate the best care for your loved one.

How will we manage our loved one’s medication?
Let the nursing staff at Lincolnshire Place take care of that for you. We use a licensed pharmacy that will take care of all medication packaging utilizing a triple check system. It really is a safe and affordable system.